The Navajo Nation The Navajo Nation
The Navajo Nation

Come, meet the Navajo! This one week tour of Northern Arizona’s Navajo Nation is available with round trip air from Phoenix, or as a driving tour from the east or west coast. It is one-week visit on the sovereign lands of 300,000 Native Americans. Come, learn their history and traditions, share their food and music, and marvel at th ... READ MORE

Senior Special – Holiday USO Show Senior Special – Holiday USO Show
Senior Special - Holiday USO Show

Especially for Senior Groups this unique Holiday Presentation, is a tribute to the USO Christmas Shows of Bob Hope, who for more than 50 Years was followed into War Zones around the world by a long list of Hollywood Celebrities. This show is the centerpiece of a low-priced 3-Day tour that includes “Wassailing on the Boardwalk ... READ MORE

Deja Vu New Years Deja Vu New Years
Deja Vu New Years

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste, but when you apply it to travel wonderful possibilities open before your eyes. We have combined a New Years Eve 1912 onboad The Titanic with a New Years Eve 2017 at Country Tonite. It’s déjà vu all over again.

Blue Christmas Exclusive Blue Christmas Exclusive
Blue Christmas Exclusive

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve added “New Blue Two” for 2016. We were Sold Out but we have now opened up new space. This is your only chance to visit Graceland at Night. On the first Wed of every December U S Tours rents the estate exclusively. Join our groups and see the Mansion as it would have looked on Chr ... READ MORE

Louisville’s Reindeer Games Louisville’s Reindeer Games
Louisville's Reindeer Games

Come, see KaLightoscope a one-of-a-kind display of giant luminaries that tell the story of “A Christmas Carol.” It is filled with magical interactions by performers and 3-D projections that transport you back in time. Plus, to make your holiday memorable, we’ll let you join in all the reindeer games at the Derby Mus ... READ MORE

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