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2017 Holland Tulip Festival

In 2017, the Tulip Time Festival is celebrating its 88th year! Holland has a rich history and heritage to share with its visitors. The Festival began in 1929 to celebrate Dutch heritage in the community. Today the fun continues with parades, Dutch dancers, national and regional entertainment, dinner shows, a Dutch market, fireworks and the stars of the show, millions of tulips throughout Holland.

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Appalachia & The Ark

This new tour combines the historic grace of the Boone Tavern Hotel with a visit to America’s newest faith based attraction -The Ark. It also features the arts and music of Appalachia. Your days are filled with both artistic and divine inspiration. Then your evenings are filled with enough Bluegrass Music and Southern Cooking to have your lips and toes tap-smacking a duet.

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Cleveland Rocks

(lyrics) I’ve got some records from World War II,
I play ’em just like me granddad do.
He was a rocker and I am too.
Go “Cleveland rocks!”
“Yeah Cleveland rocks!”
Cleveland rocks!, Cleveland rocks!

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Rockin’ It – San Fran & Reno

This combination really Rocks. The Best of San Francisco (from Alcatraz to Chinatown) – The Napa Valley Wine Train & California Zephyr – Lake Tahoe & Virginia City – Plus the Legends of Rock n’ Roll Live in four different concerts and parties.

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Deja Vu New Years

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste, but when you apply it to travel wonderful possibilities open before your eyes. We have combined a New Years Eve 1912 onboad The Titanic with a New Years Eve 2017 at Country Tonite. It’s déjà vu all over again.

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Wine, Women & Twain

Come here the voices of the 19th Century echo across the Finger Lakes. First is the legacy of the Woman’s Rights Movement featuring Susan B Anthony’s home and other sights. Then enjoy a few Victorian Era mansions and local wine before you learn of Mark Twain’s summer home and the people and events that inspired him.

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Real Housewives of Amish Country

This tour features two European Cultures deeply woven into our American Tapestry. Many people believe there is a connection between them but beyond both being European immigrants there is not. The Amish are Swiss & German and any reference to Dutch is to the “Deutsch” language. The Dutch in Holland, MI are from The Netherlands and the heritage of their ancestry has lasted here for 150 years.

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