A Tale of Two Ships A Tale of Two Ships
A Tale of Two Ships

While it is difficult to describe the combo, we compare it to a ‘Tale of Two Ships. ’ “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (or cruises).” And it is a full day of fun on The Belle Of Louisville’s Autumn Cruise Special. Followed by a visit to the recreation of Noah’s Ark, a monument to an Apocalyptic moment ... READ MORE

Chihuly in the Biltmore Gardens Chihuly in the Biltmore Gardens
Chihuly in the Biltmore Gardens

Chihuly at The Biltmore is a colossal and kaleidoscopic show. It is the first ever exhibition in the Biltmore’s magnificent gardens. It’s a visual experience, an absolute must-see presentation of unparalleled artistic expression. Dazzling in daylight, it takes on an entirely new dimension at night when you experience the ... READ MORE

Biloxi & New Orleans Biloxi & New Orleans
Biloxi & New Orleans

This is a deluxe visit to Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. You have the finest accommodations in town, enjoy superb and unique meals, each complete with a real Southern Experience. Learn how to catch shrimp and what a shrimp boil is. Learn about Cajun spices at the New Orleans School of Cooking, and enjoy Beavoir’s Confederate ... READ MORE

Woodstock’s 50th at The Rock Hall Woodstock’s 50th at The Rock Hall
Woodstock's 50th at The Rock Hall

1969 began with The Fifth Dimensions hit “The Age of Aquarius” on top of the charts. Later that year Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon and then 400,000 other people walked onto a New York Farm for a Rock and Roll Festival called Woodstock. This evening is for all of your customers who were teenagers in 1969. But especial ... READ MORE

On the Road to Woodstock – from the Midwest On the Road to Woodstock – from the Midwest
On the Road to Woodstock - from the Midwest

This package includes a pre-Woodstock Anniversary stay in Chicago, just as they did in 1969 people came from across America to be at Woodstock. This tour is planned for mid-western groups, who can’t drive all the way at once. It features several unique Musical Events in Chicago so that “By the time you get to Woodstock, y ... READ MORE

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