The Music of America The Music of America
The Music of America

The heart and soul of American Music beats in the history of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. These are the towns where the inspiration for our uniquely American Music styles were born and where they grew to maturity. On this three city tour you’ll hear Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Soul, Dixieland Jazz, and C ... READ MORE

The Music City Wine Train The Music City Wine Train
The Music City Wine Train

WOW. What a combination. U.S. Tours introduces a great new concept to the Tour & Travel industry, nobody brings you more innovation, more fresh ideas than us. We now combine the world’s greatest Showboat, with our newest feature attraction “The Music City Wine Train” and the greatest Radio Show of all time th ... READ MORE

Woodstock’s 50th at The Rock Hall Woodstock’s 50th at The Rock Hall
Woodstock's 50th at The Rock Hall

1969 began with The Fifth Dimensions hit “The Age of Aquarius” on top of the charts. Later that year Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon and then 400,000 other people walked onto a New York Farm for a Rock and Roll Festival called Woodstock. This evening is for all of your customers who were teenagers in 1969. But especial ... READ MORE

Outlaws, Angels and the Wheeling Jamboree Outlaws, Angels and the Wheeling Jamboree
Outlaws, Angels and the Wheeling Jamboree

This special event celebrates Country Music from 1955 thru the 80’s and recognizes the Legend of the Wheeling Jamboree with two great musical shows at The Capitol Theatre, including the 85th Anniversary Show featuring Ronnie Milsap. It also features an exciting Johnny Cash “Outlaw Prison Concert” and dinner show inside th ... READ MORE

Dirty Dancing Meets Filthy Rich Dirty Dancing Meets Filthy Rich
Dirty Dancing Meets Filthy Rich

Lake Lure Inn is one of North Carolina’s landmark hotels. It has hosted many celebrities; F. Scott Fitzgerald, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Emily Post, Calvin Coolidge and Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey during the filming of “Dirty Dancing”.


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