“Under The Boardwalk” “Under The Boardwalk”
"Under The Boardwalk"

Looking for a Spectacular Event? Do you love Beach Music? Oceanfront hotels? Wonderful food? Wildly fun parties? This is the Beach Music of the 60’s and 70’s. Dine and Dance to Jimmy Buffett, reminisce of romance to The Drifters, and rock-on to the youthful tunes of the Beach Boys. Join us Under the Boardwalk, Down by The Se ... READ MORE

Legends on the Crooked Road Legends on the Crooked Road
Legends on the Crooked Road

A celebration of Country Music History, this Spectacular Event is set in the beautiful mountains of SW Virginia where country music was born. Follow us onto “The Crooked Road” Heritage Trail, a 300 mile long path that crosses the frontier of the recording industry, with the memory of Legends, producing a sensational tour for Country M ... READ MORE

An Elvis Blue Christmas An Elvis Blue Christmas
An Elvis Blue Christmas

The first Wed of every December is the U S Tours Blue Christmas Party at Graceland. Enjoy a special evening Mansion Tour. Come see “The Lights at Graceland,” enjoy the Presley home at Night, much as it would have looked on Christmas Eve when the family lived here. This U S Tours “Spectacular Event” was a sellout in 2016. ... READ MORE

Gatsby at The Grand Hotel Gatsby at The Grand Hotel
Gatsby at The Grand Hotel

Join us we repeat the past and celebrate The Great Gatsby at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel. Here we try to imagine those famous summer evenings of 1922 . . . “Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!” He looked around him wildly, as if the past were lurking here in the ... READ MORE

Kentucky Derby Spectacular Kentucky Derby Spectacular
Kentucky Derby Spectacular

Reserve your 2018 Space Now at 2017 Prices. The Kentucky Derby is America’s most extravagant springtime sports party, and one of her most celebrated events. While there is a horse race at the heart of this spectacle, there are many other intriguing aspects within this Louisville tradition. It is a festival and fashion show, i ... READ MORE

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  • A heritage music Special Event available only to Tour Groups. In the mountains of Southwest Virginia the Roots of American Music run deep. On this tour your travel... Read More
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