Chasing the Redcoats

A Frolicking Great Adventure in American History

7 Days

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Listen as American Patriots rail against the tyranny of King George. Come see the places where they argued loudest for Freedom. Walk in their footsteps, hear their words, dine in their taverns - It's a frolicking great adventure in American History. In these seven days your group tour will touch on a myriad of historical topics, from Colonial unrest at the Boston Tea Party Ship in 1773, to the final conflict at Yorktown in 1781. You will have heard the words of Patriots and shared a mug of ale, and perhaps you will gain a new appreciation of the hardships endured in our pursuit of liberty.

Chasing the Redcoats

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  • Two Nights in Boston
    • Narrated Freedom Trail Sightseeing
    • Boston Tea Party Ship
    • Dinner at the Union Oyster House
    • Dinner at The Tea Party Tavern
  •  Two Nights in Philadelphia
    • Narrated visit Independence Hall
    • Independence Hall & Liberty Bell
    • Dinner at The City Tavern
    • Dinner on the Sailing Ship Moshulu
    • The Museum of the American Revolution
  • Two Nights Williamsburg
    • Narrated Colonial Williamsburg Touring
    • Dinner at Chickahominy House
    • Dinner at a Colonial Tavern
    • Colonial Evening Entertainment
    • Yorktown’s American Revolution Museum
  • Six Hotel Breakfasts
  • Six Dinners
  • All Taxes, Fees and Luggage Handling
  • One Free with Every 16 Paid


Tour Pricing

Prices can vary depending on dates chosen, hotel quality and possible dinner substitutions.  Let us know when you want to travel and the style of service you desire.  Local ground transportation is not included in this price.

If you need motorcoach transportation, check out our travel affiliate for the best prices.

Day 1 – Arrive Boston – A Revolutionary Adventure Begins – Dinner at Union Oyster House
This tour begins appropriately in Boston. Sometimes called “The Cradle of Liberty” for her role in starting the American Revolution, Boston was the early hotspot of unrest as colonists here began to rebel against the heavy taxation levied upon them by the British. During this trip you will learn about The Boston Tea Party, The British role in the Boston Massacre, the Battles of Lexington and Concord, as well as Bunker Hill and Paul Revere.

This evening’s dinner will be at The Union Oyster House, located on the Freedom Trail, near Faneuil Hall. It enjoys the unique distinction of being America’s oldest restaurant. The building dates to Pre-Revolutionary days and continues with much the same atmosphere and food that Daniel Webster frequently enjoyed. (D)

Day 2 – Boston’s Freedom Trail – Dinner at the Tea Party Ship Tavern
On this full day of sightseeing you will see the famous sights on Boston’s Freedom Trail. Including Boston Common, the Paul Revere House and Old North Church, there will be a lunch break at Fanueil Hall then stories and visits to many other sights such as the Old South Meeting House where the audio programs titled,  “If these walls could speak” lets you listen in on key moments from the past – the Boston Tea Party debates, a day when British officers rode horses inside the Meeting House, the Great Boston Fire of 1872 and more!.

One of today’s highlights will be your late afternoon visit to the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum. Here there are live actors, interactive exhibits, holographic displays, and an authentically restored ship. The museum’s movie titled “Let it Begin Here,” will set the stage for tonight’s dinner.

The evening meal is actually more a night of Colonial merrymaking. The meal itself is a savory colonial dinner, for which there are readily available mugs of ale. You dine with The Sons and Daughters of Liberty and can raise your own voice in song as your travelers help to determine the fate of Colonial America! This is a historic Tavern atmosphere with boisterous songs and cheerful characters representing Sam Adams, John Hancock, Dorothy Quincy, Paul Revere and other prominent Bostonian’s who have gathered for a liberating night of freedom and fun. (This event requires you have at least 35 people in your group.)  (B,D)

Day 3 – The Road to Independence leads to Philadelphia  – Dinner at The City Tavern
In the morning, your group of Patriots will travel to Historic Philadelphia.  Through New England you pass from MA into RI, CT, NY and NJ before pulling into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Colonial Capitol by late afternoon.

We like the idea of you promoting this day to your group in such a way that they feel, they are concerned colonials enroute to Philadelphia carrying documents and arguments for Freedom to the 1st Continental Congress in Sept & Oct of 1774.  Give this trip a mission, make our history fun!

On arrival you enjoy dinner at the City Tavern. In 1772, prominent citizens commissioned the construction of what was to be “a large and commodious tavern.” But, it became much more, it was also a Meeting House, and it was here that The Founders often met to dine and discuss. You will be sitting in the shadows of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Paul Jones, not to mention Washington and Jefferson. This restaurant preserves both the history and the menus of the day. (B,D)

Day 4 – Philadelphia’s Independence National Historic Park – Dinner on The Moshulu

Your historical journey begins at The NEW Museum of the American Revolution here the Revolution comes to life through unique high tech galleries, theaters, and recreations of historical scenes.  It gives perspective from Boston and the opening shots of the War, to Independence Hall and the signing of the Declaration, to Williamsburg and the final conflict.

It explores the ideas, events, and legacies of America’s Revolutionary beginnings here in Philadelphia where the spirit of Franklin is alive.   You will visit Independence National Historic Park.  The old cracked Bell still proclaims Liberty, and Independence Hall echoes the words “We The People.” Your guide will describe Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia as you learn of America’s past and our Founders’ declaration that “all men are created equal.”

You will focus on Independence Hall, perhaps the most historically important building in America. Here in the Assembly Room on July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted, and here 11 years later in 1787 the U S Constitution was ratified. Throughout this day you will visit the many other buildings preserved from our Constitutional past, including The Liberty Bell, Christ Church and Burial Ground, The Betsy Ross House, and more.

Dinner tonight is aboard The “legendary” Moshulu, the world’s oldest and largest remaining square rigged sailing vessel. She is in fact the one and only restaurant venue in the world, that is on a Tall Ship today. She is an award winning, AAA 4 Diamond rated Restaurant. (B,D)

Day 5 – The Road to Independence continues to Williamsburg – Chickahominy House 
Today’s travel carries you through Baltimore, over the Chesapeake, past Washington, DC to Williamsburg the Colonial Capital of Virginia. This was the largest and most populous of all the American colonies. It served equally with Philadelphia and Boston as the political centers, the influential podiums from which the dream of American Freedom and Independence were demanded. Here the fundamental concepts of our Republic were nurtured under the leadership of patriots such as Washington, Jefferson, George Mason and Peyton Randolph.

On arrival you check-in for a two-night stay, then enjoy a late dinner at the Chickahominy House, a historic home reconstructed with antique materials and features a menu of down-home southern cooking. (B,D)

Day 6 – Colonial Williamsburg Historic Park – 17th Century Tavern Dinner
Today you will discover that this Colonial Capitol is a living-history village. It is a huge restoration where you can experience for yourself the daily struggles of wartime Virginians. The introductory film “A Story of Patriot” begins the day, and you listen as Virginians discuss whether Revolution is necessary.   On your narrated morning stroll you see the original buildings of 17th Century Williamsburg. Your guide will discuss the lives of her citizens, whom you witness in first person character going about their daily routines.

Throughout the afternoon you experience more. Take time to talk with the merchants and soldiers in the street, listen to the arguments railing against King George in the Capital Building. Observe merchants plying their trade and soldiers at drill, visit the Gardens, public buildings and shops. This is where Virginians like Benjamin Harrison, Peyton Randolph and Patrick Henry inspired the fight for independence. Today will truly be as though you have ventured through a window of time.

As the day draws to a close you enjoy a Colonial Tavern Dinner, an authentic meal of that time served by costumed waiters. That experience will be followed by an evening of 17th Century entertainment, perhaps a Palace Concert, or a Colonial Play depending on the date of your visit and the schedules established by Colonial Williamsburg. (B,D)

Day 7: American Revolution Museum at Yorktown – The American Victory – Departure

This morning you visit Yorktown the final site in America’s Revolutionary Conflict.  Here the new American Revolution Museum sits beside the battlefield where allied American and French forces fought the deciding battle.

In these seven days your group tour will have touched on a myriad of historical topics, from Colonial unrest at the Boston Tea Party Ship in 1773, to this the final conflict in 1781.  You will have heard the words of Patriots and shared a mug of ale, and you will now fully appreciate the hardships in our pursuit of liberty.

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