St Louis & The Mother Road

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

4 Days

Starting At $459.00
This short four day features St Louis, as the largest city on Route 66 between Los Angeles and Chicago. You’ll spend a day with sights to the north and another day touring the south, you learn of history and life on what Steinbeck called "The Mother Road" in his vivid portrait, The Grapes of Wrath. You hear about Americana, family vacations, early tourist marketing as tap your toes to Nat King Cole’s "Won't you get hip, to this timely tip, Get your kicks on Route 66.." The Nat King Cole Trio performing "Route 66"

St Louis & The Mother Road

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  • Route 66 Historian Guides
  • “The Mother Road” at the Missouri History Museum
  • Big Chief Dakota Grill
  • National Museum of Transportation
  • History & Highlights of Route 66 to St. James MO
  • History & Highlights of Route 66 to Springfield, IL
  • Chain of Rocks Bridge
  • World’s Largest Catsup Bottle
  • Ariston’s Café
  • Carlinville Court House
  • Harry’s Ra66it Ranch
  • Lincoln Presidential Museum
  • The Cozy Dog Inn
  • Amtrak’s Lincoln Service Train Ride
  • Route 66 Museum – Pacific, MO
  • Tales of The Mother Road
  • Cuba Murals
  • World’s Largest Rocking Chair
  • Three Nights First Class Lodging in St. Louis area
  • Three Hotel Breakfasts
  • One Snack and One Lunch
  • Two Dinners
  • Luggage Handling
  • All taxes & Tips on these services
  • One Free with Every 16 Paid

Tour Prices:

. . . Per Person Prices

. . . $459 Double

. . . $419 Triple . . . $399 Quad . . . $649 Single

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Day 1 – Arrive St Louis for a three night stay and the beginning of your exploration of Historic Rt 66 both north and south of the City. Your hotel will be a Holiday Inn Express, Wingate Inn or similar.

As time allows your “Route 66” tour guide/historian for the next three days will incorporate stop at Ted Drewe’s for an authentic Route 66 Frozen Custard. The shop is known for a “concrete”: custard blended with combinations of ingredients and flavors, served in a large yellow cup with a spoon and straw. it is so thick that the spoon inserted does not fall out if the cup is turned upside down. You will also have photo ops under the Route 66 Marker Sign, then drive the original Route 66 past the Eat-Rite Diner: “Eat Rite or don’t eat at all” as seen on TV Donut Drive-In.

Groups that arriving early this afternoon will be able to see a special exhibit titled, “Main Street through St Louis at the Missouri History Museum.” Known as the “Mother Road” Route 66 plays an important role in American history and myth. At the Missouri History Museum this exhibit explores the history of this world-famous highway. It’s a great preview; you’ll get your kicks by learning stories about the motels, custard stands, and tourist traps. This exhibit is scheduled from June 25, 2016 – February 12, 2017.

Tonight, your group will dine at the Big Chief Dakota Grill. This Roadhouse has a celebrated history dating back to 1929. Located near Pond, MO, Big Chief Roadhouse was originally built as part of the Big Chief Highway Hotel to serve transcontinental travelers. According to local historians and tourists guides from the period, Big Chief was one of the largest tourist cottage courts in Missouri.

Day 2 – After breakfast this morning, meet your “Route 66” guide and visit the National Museum of Transportation. This St. Louis based museum is dedicated to America’s love of life in the fast lane, and is a “wheel” kick for history buffs. See Bobby Darin’s “Car of the Future” and enjoy a tour by a trained docent who understands tour groups.

Continuing, you travel south along the Missouri Route 66, with your guide as he/she provides Tales of the Mother Road. pointing out ruins, repurposed building and neon signs that still remain from the glory days of automobile travel. You enjoy a late lunch (on your own) at Missouri Hick BBQ, before continuing with the lore and tales of the road.

Afternoon sightseeing includes the pretty little Ozark town of Devil’s Elbow. In a simpler time, far from the noise and bustle of the Interstate, it was a resort community with cabins, canoes, and the famous Munger Moss Sandwich Shop of course. You will drive thru Cuba, MO as well. One of 9 American Cities named after that Island country it is known as the Route 66 Mural City. There are 12 large outdoor murals, plus the Wagon Wheel Motel and World’s Largest Rocking Chair.

Enjoy dinner this evening at Sybill’s in St. James, MO. This is a one -of-a-kind experience in Missouri’s wine country. It’s modern construction of a plantation style building, by a family with a history of service to travelers on America’s Road.

Day 3 – Enjoy breakfast before meeting your “Route 66” guide. Today you turn north into Illinois. First stop is at the Chain of Rocks Bridge for photos and its history. For those that are hale and hearty, with cooperative weather, you can stroll across the bridge on its pedestrian path with the Mighty Mississippi River beneath you. Continuing on, enjoy a picture stop at the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle.

You will also enjoy more tales from the road as you continue to the lunch stop, Ariston’s Cafe, a favorite of those traveling Illinois’ Route 66. This family owned establishment keeps a book about the Mother Road and asks all visitors to sign on their favorite page. They have delicious food and you will love the atmosphere, which is a throwback to the 1950’s.

During today’s travel you will visit Carlinville’s “Million Dollar Courthouse,” a landmark on The Route, it was at one time the largest building outside New York City.

Next stop is Henry’s Ra66it Ranch in Staunton, Illinois! Rabbits, Rabbits~ Both types exist there. The hopping kind and the VW kind! Henry’s Rabbit Ranch celebrates Route 66 and the people along the highway with an emporium of highway and trucking memorabilia that includes a collection of Campbell’s “humpin’ to please” trailers next to a replica of a vintage gas station.

Your afternoon will focus on Springfield, home to the Lincoln Presidential Museum, where you will learn about our 16th President.   Then a visit to a renowned site on The Route, the Cozy Dog Inn, home of the original hot dog on a stick, and one of the oldest businesses on Rt 66 in Springfield. They draw travelers from all around the world for a Cozy Dog Corn Dog.

Late afternoon you board Amtrak for a two hour ride back to St. Louis. Enjoy dinner on your own in the cafe’ car. Your motorcoach will rendezvous with you in St. Louis and return you to the hotel.

Day 4 – Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before load your treasures on your bus. Meet your Route 66 guide and depart for the Route 66 Museum in Pacific, MO for last look at the history of this famous highway in this area. Then depart for home.

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