The Blennerhassetts & The Ohio Frontier

Plus Parkersburg during the Gilded Age

3 Days

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This story/tour begins in 1803 on the American Frontier, with a tale of romance, a white mansion in the wilderness and a blissful life; all shattered by politics and greed, ending with charges of treason and conspiracy. Visit the early American Frontier while lodging in luxury accommodations from the 1890’s Gilded Age. Built in 1803 on an Island in the middle of the Ohio River, at a time when the neighbors lived in log cabins, this was a paradise on the frontier - a veritable Eden on the River.

The Blennerhassetts & The Ohio Frontier

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  • Blennerhassett Island and Mansion Tour
  • Blennerhassett Museum
  • Historic Henderson Hall
  • Vaudeville Theater Dessert & Tour
  • Museum to the Oil & Gas Boom
  • Holl’s Swiss Chocolatier
  • Two Nights elegant Blennerhassett Hotel
  • Two Hotel Breakfasts
  • Two Dinners including  . . .
    • Dinner with Jazz Band
  • All taxes and tips on these services Luggage handling
  • One Free With Every 16 paid

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Day 1 – Your arrival in Parkersburg should be in time for dinner tonight. You will be lodging at the luxurious Blennerhassett Hotel, built in the historic Queen Anne style, in a historic downtown. This hotel opened in 1889 as new money from oil and natural gas flooded into Parkersburg. During this boom the town quickly became a vivacious city and the hotel a grand showplace for what would later be known as the Gaslight Era.
Dinner this evening will be a wonderful pre-set menu in a private room with a Jazz Band. A nice meal with entertainment and a small dance floor should your guests be so inclined.

Day 2 – You begin this day with a short visit to the Oil & Gas Museum featuring this area‘s history from the period of its greatest growth the 1880’s.  Next is a visit to the Bennerhassett Museum, dedicated to the story of a young family who arrived here when it was very much the American Frontier. The Blennerhassetts were Irish Aristocrats traveling by flatboat down the Ohio River when they found an Island that would serve as their home.

You will also arrive on Blennerhassett Island by boat, a Riverboat though. Here you will tour a home that was at one time the most beautiful on the American Frontier (c.a.1804). The Bennerhassett’s with cash money lived here like royalty, until that lifestyle was lost because of their involvement in a scandal, called a treasonous conspiracy, with former VP Aaron Burr. Once on the island, a costumed guide will lead you through the reconstructed mansion.

Afterwards you have time to explore the island on a nature, walk, wagon ride or a bicycle. You will also find a gift shop and refreshment stand.

But, the day’s itinerary isn’t complete without a little shopping! Your group will enjoy visiting Mulberry Lane Country Store (the largest country store in the state), and Woodcraft Supply (headquartered in Parkersburg)
This evening you enjoy a second wonderful meal at the Blennerhassett Hotel. It is followed by a short walk to the historic Smoot Theater. Built in 1926 during the vaudeville era, you will have a behind-the-scenes tour and then enjoy a dessert served while seated on stage.

Day 3 –This morning as you leave Parkersburg a quick stop is made at Holl’s Swiss Chocolatier (locally owned and operated Swiss chocolatier) and much more. Then you visit Historic Henderson Hall, built in 1859 as the centerpiece of the 2,600 acre plantation, it is an impressive 17-room pre-Civil War mansion with all of its original furnishings. It survives today as a legacy of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Following this visit you are on way toward home.

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